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Perti is now a fraction of Finale Ligure,the word “Perti” is one of the most ‘ancient of Finale’s dialect: appears along with that of Pia in duty Regulation for the strangers who came to sell goods in the municipality of Genoa (1128). “Perti” means all the rocky outcrop which rises upstream of Finaleborgo and was the seat of the most ‘ancient villages of the adjacent valleys of Pora and Aquila. Here have been found most ‘ancient traces of a Christian presence in Liguria: the epigraph burial of Lucius from the second half of the fourth century.

Encircled by ancient walls of Castel Gavone and surrounded by olive trees centenaries welcomes an agritourism that bears the name of one of the cultures of our territory: The Pernambucco of the Countess, a special variety of orange original of Finale. At our agriturism you can relax in peaceful tranquility, the ancient home of the subjects of the Marquis of Carretto is waiting for you!

Our facilities

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The house, which overlooks the valley, is nestled in an olive grove of about three hundred plants in the centuries-old and partly new plantation of about ten years. Following oranges, lemons, mandarins and bitter oranges cedars come together to provide a spectacular historic landscape.

You can stay at weekends or for longer periods, welcome you within three ancient rooms, two bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, wireless Internet is included. At breakfast you can taste our products: from jams to fresh citrus season and also our cakes. The veranda that is outside will welcome you for your evenings in peace with the possibility of using the Barbecu to taste, under the stars, wonderful grilled meats and local fish!

The place for its location and for the peace that emanates is perfect for families, bikers and climbers.


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